Holiday Blessings For Isaac's Miracle

Isaac's Miracle exists to assist families with special needs children who have private insurance, with needs that insurance will not cover and no other charities are able to assist with. Therapy sessions, surgeries and additional medical bills can pile up on the shoulders of a family that are trying to help provide their child with the medical attention he or she deserves. Because these costs tend to be steep, especially when not covered by their private insurance policies, these families can use all the help they can receive.




Isaac’s Miracle is on a mission to provide these families with the funding they need to provide their children with the care they deserve. With your small donation, you can help these families receive the support and assistance they need. Isaac’s Miracle’s goal is to fill the financial gap and provide the support and assistance these families deserve. We are asking that our community pitch in and help more families in need.

We want to also let you know that as active Agents of Change we are committed to keeping our community members in good hands. Every 60 days we will elect a new worthy cause to support, and would love for you to join us! And if you know of someone who could use help, please visit the link below to enter their information. We will get in touch with them as soon as possible.


We had an awesome time at the charity event for this organization! Glad to be a supporter!



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